Quanzhou, Fujian:Jinjiang Shoes are Nothing Great!

Published 15 days ago


When it comes to Fujian people’s fighting spirit, many people will think of the song "Working Hard Can Be Win". There is such a county in Fujian, which uses 1/200 of the land in Fujian Province to create 1/16 of the GDP of the whole province. It is Jinjiang, with nearly 60,000 private enterprises, which has produced the "Jinjiang experience" to guide economic construction. To be a real economy, we need to do business and make an industry bigger and stronger. Next, let’s invite a special guest. That’s a pair of sneakers. From the past OEM vulcanized shoes, to the present technology enabling a variety of new shoes. Watch the video; let’s go to see what is so great about Jinjiang shoes.

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